This list of workshops is not in order of the schedule. The final schedule will be emailed to ticket holders.
The Levels of Interesting with Juice
How to avoid putting your audience to sleep; a performance quality workshop.

Pre-Requisites: minimum of 5 known "moves" on apparatus of choice, the ability to stay in the air for 90 seconds at a time, and the willingness to take the performance "box" you've been stuck in, and smash it to bits in the most fun way possible!

Are you new to performing? Have you been performing a while and find yourself in a rut? Do you want to change things up with your standard performance roles and try something new and different? This may be just the class for you!

We will learn how to level-up your Interesting Quotient on stage in this engaging workshop for all levels of aerialist. Something for everyone, as long as everyone is YOU and your desire to perform and entrance your audience!
When Bad Things Happen to Good Aerialists (Talk) with Juice
A discussion on treating accidents and physical trauma in the aerial arts

Despite our best efforts to ensure the safety of our students and ourselves, we can never fully prevent injuries from happening. This workshop will take a look at the ways in which physical trauma can affect a body, with special attention to falls and compression injuries. We will discuss appropriate treatment for different types of serious injuries, and how to address the immediate needs of the injured person through simple techniques and concepts.

Jerusha has been training in various dance forms for almost 35 years, and added aerial to those studies in 2005. She is fascinated by the capacity and function of the human body in the areas of movement and health. Given this, it's no surprise that she loves her career as a Registered Nurse, or that she holds several certifications in advanced life support, as well as a trauma certification. For this workshop, she hopes to leave you with an appreciation of the level of injury one can sustain in this sport, and some tools to take with you so that you may be better prepared to help out should an unfortunate accident occur.
Performer Flying with Brett Copes
Pre-Requisites: None

Topics Covered:
Aerial Dance
Basic Harness Flying
Flying your apparatus
Operating a fly line
Basic flying safety
Back Dives and Beyond (Rope/Fabirc) with Molly Graves
Pre-Requisites: Comfortable with hipkeys, standard (opposite side wrap / forward rotating) dive & single star drop; ability to invert with comfort and confidence in the air.

It’s a retrograde revolution! This workshop is devoted to all manner of backwards rotating dives, drops and relevant choreographic sequences. Get ready to challenge your vertical brain as we reverse both our wraps and our way of thinking about them!
Fission & Fusion: Adventures in Split-fabric Exploration with Molly Graves
Pre-Requisite: Able to do at least 1 pull-up, invert repeatedly & execute clean hipkeys in the air.

This workshop will focus on creative transitions that require navigation between single and double pole work on the fabric. Short choreographic sequences will serve as points of departure for collective brainstorming and exploration. Expand your split-fabric navigational skills, challenge your creative compass and remember -- All who wander are not lost!
Roll ‘em, Roll ‘em, Roll ‘em (Fabric) with Molly Graves
The Return of Rolley Polleys!!

Pre-Requisites: Able to do at least 1 pull-up, invert repeatedly & execute clean hipkeys in the air.

Wah-hoo! We had SO much fun with our last Rolley Polleys workshop that we’re bringing it back! This workshop is focused on new wacky ways to roll and tumble down the fabric -- including split fabric variations such as infinity rolls and related skills!
Languages of Musicality and Expression on Fabric with Maya Kaough
Pre-Requisites: This is not a "vocabulary focused" workshop, and I emphasize getting out of your normal approaches and pathways, so even beginners or non-fabric folks can use really basic climbs, wraps and grounded work with the fabric, though a basic comfort with fabric work is helpful.

Join us for a workshop dancing with and on aerial fabrics! Maya will bring a fun and lighthearted approach to safely explore expression and creation. Simple, approachable choreographic games and exercises will help us discover new pathways and means of relating to the apparatus, the music and the observer, and the class will culminate in a collaborative piece.

Participants should have a proficient grasp of basic fabric vocabluary or above, and stamina for repetitive exploration as we build a piece together.
The Physics of Spin (Trap/Lyra) with Charlie Faraday
Pre-Requisites: None

This workshop helps students understand spin by applying the principles of torque, moments of inertia, and angular momentum to spinning and orbiting movement on single point apparatuses. Students apply what they learn about the forces involved in creating a spin to improve the look, integrity, and ease of spinning skills.
One Million Climbs (Fabric) with Charlie Faraday
Pre-Requisites: Ability to invert

This workshop will cover as many different climbs as possible, including the 12 featured in The 12 Days of Climbmas (you can find them by searching #climbmas on Instagram). Climb combinations for more interesting choreography will also be covered. No need to condition after this class, as two hours of climbing is fairly taxing!
Hip Keys are Magic (Rope) with Cody Hayman
Hip keys are the perfect launch pad for exploring both dynamic movement and roll-ups. We will deconstruct its parts and examine how to utilize both momentum and c-shape theory to roll up, roll out, and power dynamic pathways. Students will gain some funky transitions, fundamental drills, and a functional knowledge of how to approach any roll-up.
Dynamic Pathways: The Beats (Rope) with Cody Hayman
Bell beats, pike beats, straddle beats, scissor beats, planche beats, break beats, ALL THE BEATS! Learn the pathways for different beats on rope and how to give them drive and make them floaty.
Stars, Straddles, and Places of Rest (Rope) with Cody Hayman
Zone in on the bread and butter of vertical apparatus: inverted climbs and star shape. Through straddle climbs and windmills, learn how to maximize efficiency in hauling your butt over your head and your head back over your butt. Learn how to tumble back down with ease, and where to find sneaky moments of rest in beautiful poses and descents.
Innovative Trapeze Pathways with Megan Gendell
Prer-Rquisites: Int/adv; for students capable of front balance, ankle hang, inverting in the ropes, and back roll from sitting to standing.

The workshop offers an opportunity to learn ready-made choreography so that you can move through inventive shapes and transitions that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own, and focus your efforts on finding fluidity and efficiency. You’ll learn some of the unique sequences featured on Megan’s Instagram account, and move beyond rote memorization to understand why they work and how to vary and personalize them for yourself. You’ll also learn the impetus and process that inspired each sequence, so you can apply those processes to your own creation. You’ll leave with several new movement phrases you’re free to use in your own training, performing, and/or teaching.
Dynamic Trapeze Circles and Rolls with Megan Gendell
Pre-Requisites: for students capable of 2 consecutive front hip circles, back roll from sitting to standing, and a skin the cat down to hips lower than shoulders and back up. *Bring long sleeves.

Learn drills and technique for elbow circles, lion rolls, and other types of spins around the bar. We'll analyze what makes each one work, and you'll try new skills safely, with spotting and modifications according to your level.
Handstands: Creative Entrances and Exits with Megan Gendell
Pre-Requisites: For students capable of a 1-minute handstand against a wall, and a tuck-up or straddle-up (jumping) to handstand (don't have to balance it).

We'll explore a wide variety of ways to get into a handstand (such as pressing, kicking, pushing, jumping, and creative combinations of these) and out of a handstand (including kinds of rolling, pressing, dropping, etc.), to shake up your handstand practice as well as to give you tools to integrate handstands into ground choreography.
Refining Inversions through Pilates with Julianna Hane
Pre-Requisite: Must be able to do a tuck and straddle inversion multiple times throughout the workshop, with an interest in refining movement patterns for efficiency.

As inversions become increasing complex, finding deep core support can be elusive. Luckily, the Pilates method develops spinal mobility and pelvic stability to enhance core control. This workshop will begin with mat Pilates exercises that directly translate to inversions like tuck, pike, straddle, pullover, and meat hook. We will then take to the air, referring back to the foundations set by the mat work to educate the body more deeply.
Ground to Air Transitions: Dance Trapeze and Hoop with Julianna Hane
Pre-Requisite: at least 1 year of experience on either trapeze or hoop.

Do you move well on the ground and in the air, but get stuck on how to transition in-between? The dance trapeze and lyra present many options for fluid motion, and the goal of this workshop is to practice flowing with the apparatus. We will use several movement techniques to smooth out transitions from ground to air, and use improvisation to spark creativity.
Dynamic Duo (rope & harness) with Cherie Carson
Workshop explores variation and contrast in force and intensity, balance and counter-balance while working with a partner. Do not have to sign up with a partner to participate.

If you have your own rock climbing style harness, please bring it with you. Some will be provided.
The Trick to Dance Trap with McKinley Vitale
Pre-Requisites: able to invert from the ground multiple times. 30 second straight and bent arm hangs. Comfortable with fundamental trapeze skills such as pull over, knee hang, press supports, front/back balance, etc.

Often times we will just try our same static moves on the dance trap and then get really frustrated when it doesn't go so well. The bar is scary slippery, and it's so light that it's flying around everywhere. The ropes bounce and nothing is cinching correctly. BUT! If we can learn to use these attributes to our advantage, the dance trap becomes much less irritating and much more fun! This workshop will explore slinking around the slippery bar, twisting around the flexible ropes, and using the lightness and pliability to execute drops.
Creating Continuous Movement (fabric) with Jenn Bruyer
Level: Intermediate or Int + on fabric

This workshop/mini series will explore the pieces and parts of ascending, descending and rotational movement; structure and the methodology to combine it all.

Together we will twist, spiral, invert, roll, wrap and construct our way up, down and through the vertical canvas.
Dance Hammock with Jenn Bruyer
Level: Open, but some aerial experience is recommended

You can rig your hammock at nearly any height, but when it begins to approach the floor all sorts of interesting relationships emerge. In this workshop we will explore the space between the fabric loop and floor, how these two can meet and interconnect to create spins, circles, transitions, mounts and supported floor choreography to enhance your hammock vocabulary or create an entirely new performative experience. No background in dance or hammock is required.
Flashy Skills (fabric) with Jenn Bruyer
Level: Intermediate

We’ve all seen it… That routine that looks so showstopping but seems so simple we can’t help but think… I can do that. And, you can.

In this workshop we will learn how to add some flash without breaking the bank. Not every jaw dropping skill has to be terrifying, impossibly painful or require some super human strength. We will explore some really accessible skills that will add some extra sparkle to your routine.

Students can expect to work on: simple but surprising drops, flips, unexpected set ups for standardized skills and showy poses.
Aerial Inversion and Position (Body Shape) Technique through Straps - Straps Level 1 with Aaron Koz
Inversion technique (2 and 1-arm) investigation, shoulder mechanics, and injury prevention. Meathook, nutcracker, flag/reverse meathook position exploration and solidification. Conditioning and programming to safely progress to a variety of entrances/exits from standard positions.
Switches, spinning, and swinging - Straps Level 2 with Aaron Koz
*Instructor approval/participation in Straps Level 1 required

Preparation for a variety of switches using spinning and swinging momentum. Conceptual technical investigation for flaring to meathook/nutcracker/flag/full-twist. Drills to build strength/power to these movements will be introduced as well.
Business Writing- Resumes, Cover Letters and CV's OH MY! (talk) with Carey Jennette
Traditional and non traditional writing for Circus Artists to put their best foot forward. Formatting, information, and tips for communicating in different written formats. When to use a CV or Resume and what the difference is. Interview skills, question preparation, creating your own templates and research about the opportunity are crucial to being a prepared professional.
Studio Owners Panel (talk) with Carey Jennette
Joining the group to discuss what is going on in the everyday life and business of other Entrepreneurs, artists, and studio owners. What are the consistent problems, how to deal with complicated personnel situations, common industry gripes, and solutions brainstormed by the group. Bring questions, be ready to discuss with the group!
Let’s take it up a notch… Professionalism in Circus (talk) with Carey Jennette
With the rise of Contemporary Circus in America, more and more are looking to this as a career. Our goal is to prepare those for the responsibility of a professional career in Circus Arts. We will cover topics such as: insurance, contracts, rates/prices, technical riders, etc. This discussion is open to anyone who wants to streamline their path forward or turn their hobby into a career. I encourage participants to bring questions or an area of concern. Be prepared to discuss with the group!
Embodied Metaphors and Choreographing Narratives (talk) with Shay Welch
In this session, we will explore ways of choreographing more precise narratives in aerial arts by using body shapes. The notion of choreographing narrative using embodiment and embodied metaphors in dance theory has been a common trend in contemporary discourse. However, the aerialist’s body is significantly more constrained in its expressive capacities by virtue of the apparatus and being positioned off the ground. For this reason, I will offer insights which I draw from cognitive theorists on how specific body shapes, orientations, and directionalities can help overcome the limitations of the air. Further, I will also discuss how one’s body as gendered, racialized, abled or not, combined with one’s specific body shape and type, directly influences how audiences perceive and interpret embodied narratives. One great bonus is that I will provide some handouts of embodied metaphors identified by cognitive theorists for future reference.
Spinny Sequences on Lyra with Rachel Strickland
We'll start with drills on the lyra to train your body to find it's center in the spin right away, then practice flares and learn some fun, spin-based sequences you can chop up and use as you like. Come with a wobbly awkward spin, leave with a tight, centered spin. No puking :)
Spinny Doubles (lyra) with Rachel Strickland and Anastasia Sauvage
Fun, spin-based pieces of partner choreography with Rachel and Anastasia. Partner not included. :)
Rigging I with Todd Spiering
Understanding Ratings and Safety Factors

In this session we will learn how to understand the ratings of various rigging equipment. Ratings can be confusing since different pieces of equipment are rated using different safety factors or none at all. We will cover Work Load Limit (WWL) a.k.a Safe Working Load (SWL) , Yield point, Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS), and Safety Factor, a.k.a Design Factor. Learn how to identify the weakest link in your rigging system and calculate your desired safety factor.
Rigging II with Todd Spiering
Pulleys and Portable Rigs

Pulleys can multiply and change the direction of forces on any rigging system. Often with portable rigs, there is little room for error. It is important to understand how different pulley configurations can affect a rig. We will talk about the forces at play on different rig designs.

Bring your questions and notebooks.